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We have adopted a new Autism Family Traveler!

We have some exciting news from the Autism Family homestead. We have adopted a new traveler for Colin, Kelly and me. Her name is Mekia (pronounced Mee-ka). She is a 2-year-old Siberian Husky, and she is the most loving and gentle dog I have ever seen.

This is major news considering only a few short years ago, when Colin would see a dog, he would be so afraid he would literally climb up in my arms to get away from them. So, to have our own travel dog living in our home was almost in the "never gonna happen" category. We are beyond happy with this pooch.

Colin loves his student assistant's Husky named Willow. She is an amazing dog too. We visited her a couple of times and that started the ball rolling. After a few visits, we figured he needed to have full time exposure to get him completely over his fears. A dog would be an amazing companion for him and watch over him as well. So off we went to drop hints to him about getting our own dog.

We took things slowly, researching dogs, breeders, how to get the dog to us during these wacky times we are living in now. I cannot begin to calculate how many hours I spent on the computer looking at information. We (Kelly and I) settled on getting a Siberian Husky, as they are energetic, loving, friendly and loyal. They also love the outdoors and are big goofballs too!

We got a message from Colin's student assistant about a 2-year-old Husky up for adoption from Snowdogs of Newfoundland and Labrador (more on this great group later). We applied right away as she was a smaller dog and the message stated she was smart and friendly. After a few messages and an application to Snowdogs, we agreed our home would be a perfect fit and Mekia was now ours. Or should I say we are now hers.

When we told Colin after we got the approval of the adoption he went into his playroom for an hour and a half and never spoke a word. Then, he came out jumping, clapping and a HUGE smile on his face that said it all!

A little about Snowdogs of Newfoundland and Labrador (Snowdogs of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada | Facebook). This organization runs on fundraising and donations to operate in Newfoundland and Labrador rehoming dogs. The focus on the Husky/Malamute breeds but will help with any doggy in need. I cannot say enough about the people running this group. They went above and beyond both before and after we brought our amazing dog home. They make sure the new owner and dog are a great fit before rehoming/adoption takes place and they do a lot of background checking of potential new homes as well. This is needed to make sure the right dog goes to the right new family. Look them up and make a donation of money, food, toys, or other essentials you may have to help them take care of these majestic and wonderful dogs. Hey, even apply to be a new fur parent/family to one of these great dogs.

Speaking of great dogs, Mekia is everything and more when it comes to great dogs. She is so kind, gentle, loving and never wants to leave your side. As I type this right now, she is lying beside me so close that I must be careful that I do not run over her with my chair wheels at my desk. She is the perfect combination of energy when needed and relaxed couch potato when we are inside. We all fell in love with her the moment she entered our home. Honestly, I was worried about the fur being around, but the joy she brings Colin and our family, I care not one bit about that. She has the rule of the home now. We have our new family member, and she has us!

Keep an eye for Mekia in our new adventures, she will ALWAYS be with us from this point forward.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back often for new stories from the Autism Family Travels family.

Steve, Kelly and Colin.

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