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Welcome to the Other Side

Well...Where do I start? To say the last two and a half years have been challenging, hard, trying, and difficult would be an understatement. Having restrictions on travel, work related issues and lockdowns, getting out was a no go for the family here. I am writing this post today to inform everyone who follows us, or will be in the future, we are BACK!!!!!

I am working on getting our little Jeep (and ourselves) back to travel form. It needed ALOT of work, 80 percent of which is now complete. We are also in a position personally to be able to move about more freely when it comes to work and personal time. We are looking forward to getting out on the road, in the back country and visiting some amazing places this summer.

Some trips will be day trips, and smaller trips around our local area, but others will be longer, and we will bring you all along with us again. We are ready to get chomping at the bit and start writing again. I missed it so much. We love telling you all stories about our lives and will bring you new content regularly, moving forward.

I just wanted to post this quick note to let you all know we missed you following along with us and we can't wait to get on the roads and trails this summer.

As always, STAY TUNED! The Autism Family Travels family are on track for a fun year of adventures!

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