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We are officially GO, GO, GOING....CAMPING!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Well, where do I begin about this one? Let me see. Ok, got it. We have been wanting to pick up a Sylvansport Go camper/trailer for over two years now. I stumbled on them while researching pop up camper upgrades and modifications for our previous model we owned. It needed a bit of work for us to be able to use it to go camping so we decided to sell "skamper" and purchase a new Sylvansport Go. What is a Sylvansport Go you ask? Well, they are very well built configurable multi use trailers. The benefit of the configurable part is we can load up our mountain bikes, kayaks, camping gear and everything else we need for an extended road trip and hook it to the back of either of our jeeps. This gives us the needed extra cargo space plus a living space we needed with our jeep to travel for extended times. For more information check out

To say we are excited to have one of these to open up our travels is a huge understatement. We are getting it all packed up as I type this and getting ready to hit the road next week. Our bikes, will be along for the ride, but our kayaks will have to sit this one out until the extension arrives for the tow bar, so the "yaks" do not hit our jeep while turning. We have no idea where we are going yet but rest assured, we will have lots of stories and tales to tell while out on the road from here on out.

We set it up for the first time yesterday. Set up is easy peasy and overall build quality of this little camper is excellent. We have our kayak racks installed now as well. As you can see from the pictures below, Colin loves it. He's so excited to go on adventures in the "Coolest. Camper. Ever".

When we return home, the Sylvansport is small enough that I can put it in one of our garage bays just by pushing it in. Moving it around is simple. It stays out of the elements when not in use. The wheels are in motion now for trips and adventures with the camper and we already have a few new to us destinations plotted out for this and next year!

Keep checking back with us to see what we are up to!

Steve, Kelly, and Colin.

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