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Planning a trip / Adventure

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Welcome to our blog. We are so glad and excited that you decided to start following along with us and enjoy the information and entertainment. This blog post will be a little bit "dry" on the entertainment side of things as it is just to provide a basic flowchart to planning a trip. We will provide much more information on each of these in future posts in the following weeks!

Planning the trip.

The first thing you need to do when planning a trip is to decide on a location. We look at things a bit differently than the typical parents. We look at things like location to various stores, restaurants, and attractions. There will be more info shared with regards to all of these in future blog posts.

Once you decide on your location, you need to then start by booking your travel arrangements. Are you driving? Flying? Swimming? Each of these methods have benefits and drawbacks. Again, we will elaborate on these in future posts. Once decided, then you can plan what to take, where to stop, and timing of the adventure. All of these will depend predominantly by your traveller who has autism! They are the boss (sort of).

Packing for the trip will require a few modifications as well. Special food needs, medications, clothing and more. The best thing to do is create a check list so you make sure all necessary items are packed and accounted for. Kelly is a "masterette" of this. She keeps us in line when it comes to making sure all things are kept in order! Having the correct luggage, packs and cargo management will go a long way to packing as efficiently as well.

The day of the trip, remember to get up early, relax and have lots of time to gather up the family, gear and anything else you may need and get moving. This is my favorite part! Sitting in the rig, clicking my seat belt, turning on the Coast 101.1 radio station and hitting the road/air/sea! (we have done all three!).

There is nothing better than spending time with my family on a road trip to some new adventure. If we don't have a trip planned, we feel caged in. Just the act of planning our future trips gives us happiness and drives us to keep visiting new places, and some of the same places again. Just remember, you see so many things on road trips that even trips to the same place are always new and exciting. Don't think you have to go to new places all the time. We have a few places we keep going to because we love the areas!

Now, get out there, and show your family the world!

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